Sponsors Only

Being a sponsor is stressful enough since you have to worry about the overall success of the school event you are hosting. However, this is where we help you the most in ensuring the success of the Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom or any school event you need us to deliver for you. Here are a few ways we help in your special event.

  • We help hype up the dance and get students excited even before it begins to help maximize ticket sales. We market to students through large eye catching posters and promotional pictures, and/or customized videos to help boost the final week(s) of ticket sales.
  • We make sure we are on time for all meetings and finish our set up at least an hour or two before the dance starts. We may even be able to show you a preview of the sound and light show setup.
  • While we only play radio edit or “clean” versions of songs, usually this is not Yo’ Mama’s approved version so we use our futuristic editing tool to further cleanse any MP3s in question. Therefore, no long song lists to review or worry about.
  • Dirty dancing was a great movie in the late 80s, recently teens have created their own version of this on the dance floor. No need to worry as we have crowd control techniques, lighting signals, as well as live camera feeds (a package option) that help minimize the “grinding” that may occur with the non-pro DJs.
  • Post dance tear down or cleanup is minimized / eliminated for the school decor committee if you choose our no hassle all inclusive Mega Clubbin’ package.
  • Also included in the Mega Clubbin’ package, you get an event page like “MySchoolName.Dance4Schools.com” where we enable tools to help take the stress away from important details that may be automated when using the right technology via:
    • Online voting for Homecoming / Prom Court final nominees for King, Queen, Prince or Princess.
    • Online request and voting music database of thousands of hit songs.
  • If you were wondering, yes we are insured up to 1 Million per dance event so you can rest assured all staff and students are taken care of if there are any unplanned issues. Proof of insurance is available if requested.